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GCP Version 3 Module 1 to 3 have been released. Modules 4-5 will be released over the next week.

About RETP

The Research Education and Training Program (RETP) is an enabling platform of the Western Australia Health Translation Network (WAHTN). The RETP is funded by WA Department of Health and has a remit to develop and deliver online research skills training topics.

Welcome message from Professor John Challis

The Executive Director of WAHTN



The RETP aims to provide busy health practitioners with open access to comprehensive research skills training across the entire research process.

What does the program provide?

  • A range of online training modules across the whole research process
  • Access to additional research skills resources
  • Links to other training opportunities in research skills


Our training is freely available to any staff within the collaborative network of the WAHTN and is designed to support busy professionals with flexible training options.


The topics and content are developed by our team in collaboration with a range of content experts to ensure that the training provided is practical, concise and suitable for clinical staff from any background and level of experience.

Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training

A key requirement for everyone involved in the conduct of research involving human participants is regular Good Clinical Practice (GCP) training.

GCP Version 3 Module 1 to 3 have been released. Modules 4-5 will be released over the next week.


“Excellent overview on GCP with stimulating method of presentation. Held my interest throughout.”

(Professor Peter Thompson, Deputy Director Harry Perkins Institute; Chair, Clinical Trials Advisory Group, WAHTN; Consultant Cardiologist and Head of the Heart Research Institute (Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital) & Clinical Professor of Medicine, UWA).


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